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Testing Experimental Aircraft over Coachella

In the summer of 2015 we had just finished a new frame design and I was eager to try it out…but I had a gig!  So, with the help of the crew we tested it out backstage and sent it out over the audience.  This falls under the category of things I knew I could get away with in 2015 but would soon be very illegal.

Soldier Field and the Chicago Skyline

I did a few laps around the field during setup and realized how visible the skyline was at the top…so this was a quick run from the stage to above the stadium and back.  Later I did a track from the smithsonian to backstage so I could link it all into one big video but I haven’t had time to edit.

A little copter drops off a big cliff

The cliff behind my house is my favorite place to fly…but I was so excited to finish this particular frame build that I grabbed an uncharged battery to test it out. It was a long drop and I had FPV video rolling. No copters were harmed in the making of this video

Hello world!

Yeah, I’m starting a nerdy blog.  It’s already redundant to say a blog is nerdy.  Is anybody expecting a cool blog?  I’m just documenting the more technical things I do for shits, giggles, and spreading the grok.  I’ll be honest with you: I’m gonna half-ass it for a while…  Not even going to change the title if this post.  Once I have a few things built up here I might fix up the place, see how it looks with Comic Sans and a black background.  I can tell you’re excited.